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Fabric and Faux Leather Part :

To clean your strap using a soft brush, you can add a little soap to brush if needed, after that wipe using a wet cloth then dry cloth. Furthermore, dry it but not in direct sunlight.

Metal Part :

Make sure the metal part not get wet. If that happen, please clean it immediately because the metal will be darker after time. You can polish it again using Autosol and dry cloth.

Genuine Leather :

Leather is natural material so you only need a cream for leather product. Apply just a little on your strap and then polish off with a cloth. Ofter removing and attaching it to the guitar will make this part loose, so we recommend using a safety lock for strap to make it safer to use.


Do :

Play your guitar freely and tell all your friend that Sui Generis Straps is amazing !

Don’t :

When you keep your strap in case especially hard case, please make sure that your strap removed from the guitar and not place on the top of your guitar. Because metal is used for some parts, please becareful when placing the strap when not in use or in the case, as it can leave scratches on your guitar.

Do not lend to friend because it often doesn’t come back (most important thing)